Peach Mangosteen


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Mangosteen is known as the Queen of Fruits for good reason. For centuries, it has been used for medicinal purposes in Southeast Asia. Don’t be fooled—the mangosteen is nothing like a mango. To create the mangosteen, Mother Nature took a little bit of strawberry and a little bit of peach and hey, threw in some vanilla ice cream notes just for fun. It’s a crazy combination that results in a delicate, sweet, yet slightly tart flavor. We combined the distinct flavors of fresh peach with the tropical, tangy sweetness of mangosteen to create this truly unique flavor.

Goodness in Every Bottle

  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Natural caffeine from green tea & guarana (40 mg/bottle)
  • Proprietary blend of natural antioxidants (115 mg/bottle)
  • Electrolytes for optimal hydration and nutrition
  • 10 calories per bottle (16 ounces)