The Master Antioxidant

  • Found in all living things



  • Contained in green tea

Vitamin C​


  • Present in oranges



  • Cofactor for Glutathione



  • Balances hydration

Our Patent Pending Antioxidant & Electrolyte Blend

All of Altru’s exotically flavored beverages contain our patent pending blend of antioxidants and electrolytes. Each bottle is packed with Glutathione, aka, the Master Antioxidant. Altru is the first functional beverage to contain this important antioxidant, making our antioxidant blend one of the most unique available. We also loaded each bottle with natural polyphenols sourced from green tea, and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). In addition, we include potassium and magnesium, two important electrolytes that help maintain proper hydration. Magnesium is also very important cofactor for the natural creation of glutathione within our bodies. All in all, Altru’s scientists have formulated a line of beverages that not only taste great, but that are also loaded with all natural ingredients designed to fit a healthy lifestyle for people on the go.

Antioxidants are the heroes of the molecular world. They neutralize the reactivity of free radicals (the bad guys) by lending them an electron to make them stable again. This prevents them from damaging other molecules that are important for the normal functioning of our bodies.

The antioxidants in our bodies help slow the aging process. They are also a critical component in the prevention of cancer and a range of other diseases. Many antioxidants, such as vitamin C, come from our diets. The fact that squeezing fresh lemon juice that is high in vitamin C over freshly cut fruit to slow the browning process highlights its antioxidant activity.  In fact, antioxidants like vitamin C provide similar protections within our own bodies – which is why they are such an important part of our diet.

For you science types who want more of the nerdy details on the how, what, and why of antioxidants, and specifically glutathione, we got you.

We call glutathione the Master Antioxidant because of its exclusive combination of important characteristics that play a critical role in our body’s powerful antioxidant defense system. Glutathione naturally maintains a healthy free radical-to-antioxidant balance within and outside of our cells, and has the unique and important ability to reactivate other antioxidants as well as itself, thereby maintaining a sufficient cellular antioxidant level.

This combination of important features in a single antioxidant is distinctive to glutathione.

ALTRU is the first beverage to incorporate the Master Antioxidant.

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge when dissolved in a solvent like water. They are essential to many functions in our bodies, as they are used by our cells to create and carry electrical signals across cell membranes, and thus act as key components in cellular signaling and communication. They are critical for maintaining proper muscle and brain function, regulating blood pH, and balancing hydration.

Without the balacing act of electrolytes and water, our cells could shrivel up and die, or burst from being too full of water. For example, if you never consumed electrolytes but consumed a large amount of water, you would run the risk of water intoxification. Therefore, proper hydration and electrolyte balance are vitally important aspects for our health.

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